Student Services and Handbooks

Below is a complete listing of all college services. Click on each link to get more information:

Intro to student guide and handbook

Conestoga College Student Guide

This Guide contains information important to your success at Conestoga – be sure to read it.

Conestoga College Student Guide

International Student Handbook

This handbook contains everything you need to know about being an international student at Conestoga and in Canada. Information about the college, student services, life in Canada, personal safety, community services and attractions, and immigration related topics is in this comprehensive book. Increase your chances of being successful by being informed – read the handbook!

International Student Handbook

Conestoga College Work Study Program

The Conestoga College Work Study (CCWS) program coordinates on campus employment opportunities for eligible domestic and International students. All CCWS jobs are open to both domestic and International students. The program provides funding for part-time jobs (8 to 10 hours per week) while a student is in full-time studies. When a student is in between study terms or on a Co-op work term, the program provides funding for full-time employment (maximum of 25 hours per week). In order to be eligible for the program, students must have started their studies and be enrolled in a full-time degree, diploma or certificate program.

Examples of Conestoga College Work Study positions with the International office may include:

  • International Student Outreach Ambassador
  • International Student Social media Ambassador

Find out about eligibility requirements and application procedures at Student Financial Services.