Conestoga College makes no warranty or representation regarding any premises, landlords or leasing agents that are listed on this website or any links provided herein. The listings are simply provided as a convenience to assist students in locating possible housing opportunities.
Conestoga has not inspected or investigated any premises or links in any way, and inclusion of these various websites or links shall not be construed as an endorsement or approval by Conestoga College.
Conestoga College disclaims any responsibility, among other things, for the condition of any premises, terms of any leases, or compliance with any municipal or provincial rules or regulations established in the Landlord Tenant Act of Ontario.
All prospective tenants are strongly encouraged to exercise common sense and good judgment when evaluating prospective rental units and landlords.
If you have questions about signing a lease or any other rental documents, you may wish to seek legal advice.

Housing Options

There are lots of housing options for you to choose from depending on your needs and preferences. Be sure to find a place close to your campus and easily accessible by regular and frequent public transit.

Housing FAQ

Does the college provide me with accommodation?
No, the college does not provide students with short-term or long-term accommodation. It is the responsibility of the student to secure accommodation arrangements for themselves. Please email for support in your housing search.

Who can I rent a room from?

There are many ways to choose a rental:

  • You can choose to rent directly from a landlord, either in an apartment building or a private home.
  • You can choose to rent from a student, taking over their lease in a “sublet.”
  • You can choose to share rooms with students, if you have the landlord’s permission.
How much does it cost to rent a room?

Costs differ based on the size of the room, utilities, amenities offered (pool, gym, etc) and location. Don’t forget to check Google Maps to find out how you can travel to campus, and how long it will take you.

  • Private room with shared bathroom and kitchen: approximately $425+ per month per person
  • 1-bedroom apartment with private washroom and kitchen: approximately $1000+ per month
  • Shared room: approximately $350+ per month (not always available – check with landlord)

Utilities (payments for heating, air-conditioning, water and electricity) as well as Wi-Fi may be additional to the rent you pay, so please ask your landlord before you sign papers.

Can I share a room with another student?
Please note that you need a landlord’s permission for room sharing.

For more accommodation information, email Conestoga’s International Transition Coordinator.