COVID-19 Important information

COVID-19 housing FAQ (pdf)

For additional housing support, please email your International Transition Coordinator team.

Housing options

There are many housing options for you to choose from depending on your needs and preferences. Be sure to find a place close to your campus and easily accessible by regular and frequent public transit.

Start your search EARLY – as soon as you receive your visa! Search for listings online, connect with other students and contact landlords as soon as possible. Prices go up and availability goes down the closer we get to the first day of classes.

Know the costs – expect to spend at least $500 per month and expect to pay both first month and last month’s rent up front.

Avoid scams – don’t send money unless you, or someone you trust, has verified that the landlord and rental unit in person.

On-campus residence

On-campus residence facilities are offered to students at our Kitchener - Doon and Cambridge campuses, subject to availability. Students at other campuses must find off-campus or homestay placements.

Please note: You are not permitted to stay at the residence during your 14-day mandatory quarantine.

Kitchener - Doon/Cambridge Campus Residence

Who can apply?
All students enrolled full-time at Conestoga can apply to residence. Please note: the residence building is convenient to only Kitchener - Doon and Cambridge campuses. For other campuses, please check other options provided on this page.
How to apply?
Apply through My Housing Portal.
Take a look at Residence rooms.
When to apply?
Spaces get filled several months before each intake, so please apply as soon as possible.
Residence rates
Your Conestoga College tuition account is separate from your residence fees account. Please do not instruct your banking institution to pay Conestoga College for your housing costs.

Please contact Residence if you have any questions:

Conestoga College Residence
99 Conestoga College Boulevard
Kitchener, ON  N2P 2N5
Phone: 519-895-2272 | Fax: 519-895-2688

For more details, visit Residence.

Off-campus rentals

Live in the local community with other students as roommates or in your very own apartment!

The most common ways to secure off-campus rentals and find roommates are searching on rental listing websites and networking through local family, friends and current Conestoga College students.

Use these rental websites, resources, and Conestoga College Facebook groups to help you find a place to live:

Off-campus rental listing websites

Resources for understanding your Canadian housing search

Resources for understanding landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities

Please note: the websites listed above are not affiliated with or monitored by Conestoga College. Please be cautious when using social media to connect with other students or landlords.


Homestay is a program that matches international students with local host families to live with while studying at Conestoga.

Conestoga College partners with Canada Homestay Network Inc. (CHN) to administer our Homestay program.


  • a private bedroom
  • food for three meals per day
  • laundry facilities and Internet connectivity and
  • the opportunity to live with a Canadian family


September 1, 2021 - August 31, 2022

Homestay fees will be $910 monthly with a minimum two-month placement required, plus a $240 placement fee.

September 1, 2022 - August 31, 2023

Homestay fees will be $960 monthly with a minimum two-month placement required, plus a $325 for registration, placement, and administrative fees.

To apply:

Canada Homestay Network
Contact Homestay by email:

Temporary housing

Need temporary housing?

If you do not find housing before you arrive in Canada, your option is to book temporary housing until you secure your longer-term housing plans. Below you will find a list of hotels in close proximity to our campus locations.

Book in advance with a valid credit card by phone, online through the hotel's website or other booking websites such as, and

Discounted pricing has been arranged for Conestoga College students. Be sure to identify yourself as a Conestoga College student when booking and be prepared to show proof of student status when you arrive at the hotel to receive discount rates.

For Kitchener - Doon and Cambridge campus students

Four Points Sheraton
210 Preston Parkway, Cambridge, ON  N3H 5N1
Phone: 519-635-2690
Distance to Kitchener - Doon campus: 6 min by taxi, 15 min by bus
Distance to Cambridge campus: 5 min by taxi, 14 min by bus

Best Western Plus Cambridge Hotel
730 Old Hespeler Road, Cambridge, ON  N3H 5L8
Phone: 519-623-4600 
Distance to Kitchener - Doon campus: 7 min by taxi, 50 min by bus
Distance to Cambridge campus: 7 min by taxi, 50 min by bus

Cambridge Hotel & Conference Centre
700 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, ON N3H 5L8
Phone: 519-622-1505
Distance to Kitchener - Doon campus: 10 min by taxi, 45 min by bus
Distance to Cambridge campus: 10 min by taxi, 40 min by bus

Radisson Hotel Kitchener-Waterloo
2960 King Street East, Kitchener, ON N2A 1A9
Phone: 519-894-9500
Distance to Kitchener - Doon campus: 12 min by taxi, 30 min by bus
Distance to Cambridge campus: 13 min by taxi, 45 min by bus

For Kitchener - Downtown campus students

Crown Plaza Kitchener - Waterloo
105 King Street East, Kitchener, ON  N2G 2K8
Phone: 519-744-4141
Distance to Kitchener - Downtown campus: 2 min walk

Quality Inn Kitchener
2899 King Street East, Kitchener, ON  N2A 1A6
Phone: 519-894-3500
Distance to Kitchener - Doon campus: 9 min by taxi, 18 min by bus

Radisson Hotel Kitchener-Waterloo
2960 King Street East, Kitchener, ON N2A 1A9
Phone: 519-894-9500
Distance to Kitchener - Doon campus: 10 min by taxi, 22 min by bus

For Waterloo campus students

Comfort Inn Waterloo
190 Weber Street North, Waterloo, ON  N2J 3H4
Phone: 519-747-9400
Distance to Waterloo campus: 4 min walk

Best Western Plus Waterloo
547 King Street North, Waterloo, ON  N2L 5Z7
Phone: 519-884-0100
Distance to Waterloo campus: 5 min by taxi, 30 min by bus

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Waterloo
14 Benjamin Road, Waterloo, ON  N2V 2J9
Phone: 519-772-9800
Distance to Waterloo campus: 9 min by taxi, 45 min by bus

Staybridge Suites
10 Benjamin Road, Waterloo, ON N2V 2J9
Phone: 519-514-5500
Distance to Waterloo campus: 9 min by taxi, 45 min by bus

For Guelph campus students

Comfort Inn Guelph
480 Silvercreek Parkway, Guelph, ON  N1H 7R5
Phone: 519-763-1900
Distance to Guelph campus: 3 min by taxi, 7 min by bus

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Guelph
721 Imperial Road North, Guelph, ON  N1K 1X4
Phone: 519-821-2144
Distance to Guelph campus: 4 min by taxi, 12 min by bus

Staybridge Suites Guelph
11 Corporate Court, Guelph, ON  N1G 5G5 
Phone: 519-767-3300
Distance to Guelph campus: 10 min by taxi, 1 hr 17 min by bus

Days Inn by Wyndham Guelph
785 Gordon Street, Guelph, ON N1G 1Y8
Phone: 519-822-9112
Distance to Guelph campus: 13 min by taxi, 45 min by bus

For Brantford campus students

Comfort Inn Brantford
58 King George Road, Brantford, ON  N3R 5K4
Phone: 519-753-3100
Distance to Brantford campus: 8 min by taxi, 25 min by bus

Best Western Brantford Hotel & Conference Centre
19 Holiday Drive, Brantford, ON  N3R 7J4
Phone: 519-753-8651
Distance to Brantford campus: 8 min by taxi, 30 min by bus

Days Inn by Wyndham Brantford
460 Fairview Drive, Brantford, ON  N3R 7A9
Phone: 519-759-2700
Distance to Brantford campus: 10 min by taxi, 32 min by bus

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Brantford
27 Sinclair Boulevard - Building 1, Brantford, ON  N3S 7X6
Phone: 226-368-1100
Distance to Brantford campus: 13 min by taxi, 20 min by bus

Housing FAQ

Does the college provide me with accommodation?

No, the college does not provide students with short-term or long-term accommodation. It is the responsibility of the student to secure accommodation arrangements for themselves (and budget appropriately for the local cost of accommodations).

Who can I rent a room from?

There are many ways to choose a rental:

  • You can choose to rent directly from a landlord, either in an apartment building or a private home.
  • You can choose to rent from a student, taking over their lease in a “sublet.”
  • You can choose to share rooms with students, if you have the landlord’s permission.
How much does it cost to rent a room?

Costs differ based on the size of the room, utilities, amenities offered (pool, gym, etc) and location. Don’t forget to check Google Maps to find out how you can travel to campus, and how long it will take you.

  • Private room with shared bathroom and kitchen: approximately $425+ per month per person
  • 1-bedroom apartment with private washroom and kitchen: approximately $1000+ per month
  • Shared room: approximately $350+ per month (not always available – check with landlord)

Utilities (payments for heating, air-conditioning, water and electricity) as well as Wi-Fi may be additional to the rent you pay, so please ask your landlord before you sign papers.

Can I share a room with another student?

Please note that you need a landlord’s permission for room sharing.

For more accommodation information, email Conestoga’s International Transition Coordinator.


Conestoga College makes no warranty or representation regarding any premises, landlords or leasing agents that are listed on this website or any links provided herein. The listings are simply provided as a convenience to assist students in locating possible housing opportunities.
Conestoga has not inspected or investigated any premises or links in any way, inclusion of these various websites or links shall not be construed as an endorsement or approval by Conestoga College.
Conestoga College disclaims any responsibility, among other thndition of any premises, terms of any leases, or compliance with any municipal or provincial rules or regulations established in the Landlord Tenant Act of Ontario.
All prospective tenants are strongly encouragemmon sense and good judgment when evaluating prospective rental units and landlords.
If you have questions about si any other rental documents, you may wish to seek legal advice.