Student Checklists

Pre-departure Checklist

  • Confirm Acceptance by paying your fees according to the due dates listed in box 22 of your Letter of Acceptance.
  • Apply for immigration documents: passport, study permit, entry visa (if required): IRCC website information.
  • Send us a copy of your Study Permit Approval letter as soon as you receive it.
  • Collect (and pack) any other special documents you may need (for example, any documentation regarding ongoing health conditions, prescription medications, travel insurance coverage, emergency contact information, financial guarantees, international driver’s licence, etc.). It is a good idea to take copies of each of these and pack them in a separate bag or leave them at home with a family member in case the originals get lost.
  • Upload photo for student ID card: How to upload my photo . Pick up your photo ID (known as your ONE Card) on campus as soon as you arrive.
  • Check orientation schedule/class start date: College orientation information and International Students’ Orientation information.
  • Book flights to arrive before your program orientation and the first day of class.
  • Book airport pick-up.
  • Find a place to live.
  • Purchase essentials to pack (personal hygiene supplies, regular clothing, warm winter clothing if available in your country, personal accessories, electronic devices, anything specifically required for your program, etc.).
  • Visit our Facebook page to find out what’s happening at the International Office and connect with other students.

Important items to bring

  • Passport
  • Conestoga Letter of Acceptance
  • Visa and/or Work Permit
  • Canadian currency (about $200 is suggested for any immediate expenses especially if you are arriving late at night or on a weekend when banks may be closed) and credit or debit cards
  • Mobile phone and/or SIM card with charger and outlet converter
  • Laptop computer with charger and outlet converter
  • Housing information (Residence address and phone number, Homestay host contact information, landlord contact information and copy of any other housing documents such as Residence/Homestay application, signed lease, etc.)
  • Medications (in original containers) and copies of prescriptions or doctor’s notes
  • Prescription eye glasses and/or contact lenses

On Arrival

  1. Pay my fees at the Registrar’s Office (if I have not already done so online).
  2. Update my local (Canadian) address and cell phone number on my Student Portal as soon as I have it.
    Remember to change this every time I move.
  3. Upload my photo for my Conestoga student ONE Card online and pick up during orientation
  4. Set up my Student Login account including email, Student Portal and eConestoga account.
  5. Select a locker.
  6. Open a Canadian bank account.
  7. Tour the campus.
  8. Learn about local public transit for Conestoga students.
  9. Read and understand Conestoga’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy in the Conestoga Student Guide.
  10. Upload a copy of my Study Permit and other important documents to my Admissions Portal (if I lose these important documents, I’ll have a copy for future use)
  11. If I’m studying in a program that includes a work placement or a co-op work term, make sure the Immigration Officer at the Canadian airport gives me both a study permit AND a separate co-op work permit. (I can show them my letter of admission which should include a page that discusses my program’s work requirements.)
  12. Read the International Student Handbook for information about the college, student services, life in Canada, and immigration related topics.

Your International Office is here to help.
Find us at Doon Campus, Welcome Centre, 2nd floor, Room 200.