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Thank you for submitting your application. Our representative will get in touch with you in 3 business days.

If your application for official agent status is successful, you will be contacted by the Recruitment Manager for your region to discuss our agent training process.

All correspondence, contracts, certificates and payments will be made to the company name provided on this questionnaire. Company name changes should be emailed to Conestoga with your company registration certificate for verification. All contracts are made with registered companies only. Conestoga will only issue payments to business company bank accounts.

Thank you for completing Conestoga’s Prospective International Agent Questionnaire and for your interest in representing Conestoga College. At Conestoga, we pride ourselves on working with the best international agents who will advise students on our college and on programs that best suit their career plans.

International Recruitment
Tel: 519-748-5220 ext. 3556