Fees and Payment Info

2018-19 Academic Year Tuition Fee Schedule

English for Academic Studies (EAS)

Program fee for four months
(Starts Jan/May/Sept)$5,250
Incidental Fees*$700
Total Estimated Cost**$5,950
Program fee for two months
(Starts March/June/Oct)$2,625
Incidental Fees*$450
Total Estimated Cost**$3,075

Diploma/Graduate (Post-graduate)/Certificate Programs
(Excluding Practical Nursing Diploma program)

Tuition (2 semesters) Diploma$12,000
Incidental Fees*$3,085
Total Estimated Cost**$15,085

Degree Programs (and Practical Nursing Diploma program)

Tuition (2 semesters) Degree$13,300
Incidental Fees*$3,000
Total Estimated Cost**$16,300

*Incidental fees include: health insurance and prescription drug plan, student activities, alumni services, graduation fee, athletic services, student I.D, etc.

**Some co-op, specialty and degree program costs may be higher.

2019 - 2020 Academic Year Tuition Fee Schedule (pending approval)

English for Academic Studies (EAS)

Program fee for four months
(Starts Sep/Jan/May)$5,500
Tuition fee for two months
(Starts Oct/March/June)$2,750

Diploma/Graduate (Post-graduate)/Certificate Programs
(Excluding Practical Nursing Diploma program)

Tuition (2 semesters) Diploma$12,500

Graduate (Post-graduate)

Tuition (2 semesters)
Fall 2019, for students starting in Level 1 and for the balance of their program
Tuition (2 semesters)
Fall 2019, for students starting in Level 2 and for the balance of their program

Degree Programs (and Practical Nursing Diploma program)

Tuition (2 semesters) Degree$13,800

Note: The above pricing is for tuition only and does not include pricing for compulsory ancillary fees which are pending approval. The final fee is the combination of tuition plus ancillary fees. Please use the current 2018/2019 fee schedule to obtain an estimate of ancillary fees until this information is approved.

Compulsory ancillary fees may include: health insurance and prescription drug plan, student activities, graduation fee, athletic services, student I.D, etc.

All estimated values are listed in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice.

Payment and Key Dates

Please refer to your Letter of Acceptance for your payment key dates.


A $1,500 mandatory, non-refundable tuition deposit is required in order to secure a place in the program.

Should you defer to another available intake, any fees paid will transfer to the new intake, however, deposit payment remains non-refundable if you do not supply proof of a visa refusal. *See withdrawal and refund policy below.

For students who register and attend classes, the tuition deposit is part of the student’s tuition fees and reduces the tuition owed.

Should a student’s visa be refused and the International Office is provided with a copy of the visa rejection letter, tuition will be refunded less the $200.00 college administrative fee.


Your deposit is applied to your tuition, however you are still required to pay the balance of tuition owing by the due dates specified in your Letter of Acceptance.

Key Due Date for payments – when you should pay

Program of Study - Start DateDeposit Due Date - International StudentsBalance of Fees - Due Date
Fall Semester 30 days from date of acceptance1 June 17, 2019
Winter Semester 30 days from date of acceptance1 October 15, 2019
Spring Semester 30 days from date of acceptance1 February 11, 2020

1 as indicated in the offer letter

Payment Options

Make an international payment to the college

Conestoga College has partnered with three leading international payment processors: CIBC International Student Pay, Western Union Global Pay for International Students and Flywire. These services allow you to make a payment to Conestoga through a wire transfer or credit card payment directly from your home country.

Payments can be made quickly and in your home currency and are typically applied to your student account within five business days of being received by the college.

In addition to Western Union and Flywire, we continue to accept online payments through web banking or direct transfer from your bank branch. We also accept international money orders, bank drafts or certified cheques.

Choose the payment option that works best for you.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) International Student Pay

Conestoga College has partnered with CIBC International Student Pay to offer a secure online portal for International Students to make tuition payments in their local currency.

Benefits of the International Student Pay Platform:
  • Security of a Leading Canadian Financial Institution: With CIBC you can trust that your payment will be transferred in a secure and timely manner.
  • Enhanced Student Experience: Easily make payments in your preferred currency through an intuitive online portal.
  • Access to Preferred Foreign Exchange Rates: With CIBC International Student Pay you will have access to the competitive foreign exchange rates CIBC is providing to Conestoga College.
  • Diverse Payment Methods: The following payment methods are currently available through CIBC’s International Student Pay platform: International Bank Wire, ACH Direct Debit for U.S. bank accounts, Visa & MasterCard debit and credit cards, and China UnionPay credit and debit cards.
  • Student Support: CIBC International Student Pay provides customer service support through a dedicated and responsive team.
  • End-to-End Communication: CIBC International Student Pay provides payment status updates and reminders to facilitate timely payment to Conestoga College

Click here to use CIBC International Student Pay.

Western Union Global Pay For International Students

The Western Union's GlobalPay for International Students option allows you to pay the Canadian dollar tuition fees in the currency of your choice.

Note: This is not a payment through Western Union Agent locations (except in the case of some payments from India). You will simply be paying a Western Union Bank account and then Western Union transfers the funds to Conestoga College in Canadian dollars.

How to Make a Payment
  • Navigate to the Western Union GlobalPay for Students payment option page.
  • Provide Student/Payer Information
  • Complete the required fields (Conestoga College student ID number, student's first and last name, email address, etc.) and select Next.
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay in Canadian dollars and select Next.
  • Select the currency that you would like to pay in from the drop down list. You will notice on the right-hand side that you now see the amount you will be paying in the currency selected. Select Next.
  • Select the checkbox if you would like to receive the payment instructions via email.
  • Complete other fields as listed if the payer is not the student then select Next.
  • Review the conditions and select the checkbox, then select Submit.
    NOTE: You may need to temporarily allow pop-ups on your computer in order to view the payment instructions.
  • Print your payment instructions and make the payment. For most countries this will be by wire at your bank.
  • Instruct your bank to wire transfer funds to the Western Union bank account indicated on your payment instructions.
  • The reference number on the payment instructions is very important. It must be included on your payment in order for the funds to be correctly and promptly applied to your student fee account. A reference number should not be used more than once. If you are making a second payment, or have a quote that has expired, please go through Steps 1-3 again to get new payments instructions with a new reference number.
  • The payment must be sent within 72 hours of the quote or Western Union shall use the current exchange rate to convert the currency. The expiry of the quote is indicated on the bottom of the payment instructions that you have printed.
  • While the transfer is in progress, your account will continue to show the outstanding amount.
  • Conestoga College will post the Canadian dollar equivalent to your student account, generally two to five days after your local bank initiates payment.

* If your local currency is not an option available in the system, you will need to choose another currency on the list to arrange your payment, or contact Western Union for more information. The subject line should read ‘Western Union payment issue'. Please indicate what currency you are trying to pay in, or where you are trying to pay from, and what the precise issue is.

** When paying from China or India, you will be given your rate when you process your transfer per the payment instructions.

*** For payments from India, China and South Korea, you will be instructed to pay on a particular website or bank (e.g. ICICI for India)

You may wish to access the following video which explains the Western Union GlobalPay for International Students process.

Should you require assistance using Western Union Global Pay For International Students, please visit their website or contact Western Union by telephone at 1-877-218-8829 or by email.


How to Make a Payment

  • Navigate to the Conestoga Flywire payment option page and enter the exact payment amount you owe and the country you will pay from
  • From the options that appear, select in which currency you would like to make your payment.
  • Create an account (enter your name, email and password to create an account) or login to your existing Flywire account, then follow the prompts to enter your personal details and contact information and initiate your payment booking.
  • Review and confirm the information for your payment. If you are paying by bank transfer, you will receive a deadline by which you should go to your bank and complete the payment (this deadline is not associated with your educational institutional deadline).
  • You may enter your mobile phone number at the prompt if you would like to receive a payment status update via text (if you do not want to receive text updates, click the "no, thank you" link).
  • Bank transfer: Follow the banking instructions provided to send your funds to the bank indicated.
  • Credit Card: Enter your credit card information online to complete your payment in your home currency. Note: Additional local payment options may be available depending on the country you are paying from.
  • Track your payment by logging into your Flywire account at any time. Above the instructions you will notice a payment status bar. This will be updated each step of the process including an email (or text) confirmation when your payment has been delivered to Conestoga.

Need Help?

Flywire offers customer support via telephone, email, online and through live chat available 24/7 no matter your time zone. Simply click the Help button within your Flywire account to access the customer service information.

Paying from India with Flywire

I have a loan from an Indian bank or financial institution. Can I use Flywire?

Yes, loan holders can use Flywire to make tuition payments. After making your payment request, you will be provided with an “Authorization Letter” along with the bank instructions from your Flywire student account dashboard. The authorization letter will demonstrate that Flywire is acting as the only and official authorized international payment processor and the end recipient of your payment is your educational institution.

Students receiving loans should provide the “Authorization Letter” to their banking institution and insist they send the payment to our Flywire account in India without delay. If the loan company has any questions they can contact support@flywire.com.

How does sending funds from India work?

Once you make a payment request, you will be able to access Flywire’s bank instructions. These bank instructions contain all necessary bank account details you will need to complete your payment. You will also be provided with a prefilled A2 form. You can also access your payment instructions from your Flywire student dashboard at any time. You can choose to pay us through National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) or Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS).

Once you have completed your payment you will need to submit your A2 form to Muthoot, the official collector of A2 forms in India. You may submit a scanned A2 form by following the instructions provided by Flywire. If you prefer to submit a paper copy of the form, you will be asked to choose between their pick up and drop off services. With pick up service, your A2 form will be picked up by courier at an address you specify in India. A local Indian phone number will be provided on your bank instructions so that you can contact our courier Muthoot directly to arrange the pickup/ delivery of the A2 form or any other A2 form related questions that you might have.

Alternatively you may choose to drop the payment and A2 form off at one of 4000 Muthoot branches throughout India. Visit http://www.muthootfinance.com/contact/branch-locator to find the closest branch. Flywire recommends contacting Muthoot at any of the phone numbers provided on the payment instruction form so they can expect your visit.

My bank is asking for my school’s account and routing number and a SWIFT code. What should I do?

Flywire will provide the necessary bank details when booking a payment through the Flywire payment portal. Download the payment Authorization Letter that is included with the payment instructions and provide this letter to your bank.

For more assistance using Flywire, please visit Flywire’s website.

Web Banking

You may pay your tuition online via Web banking through most Canadian banks. You will be required to set-up Conestoga College as a vendor for payment purposes in order to do so. Your student ID number will be used as your account number to associate your payment to your student account.

You may also visit your local bank branch to initiate your payment.

Canadian Money Order, Bank Draft or Certified Cheque

Remit a Canadian money order, bank draft or certified cheque. Please remember to include your student number on all payments sent to the College.

Payable to 'Conestoga College' at the following address:

International Education Office
Conestoga College
299 Doon Valley Drive
Kitchener, Ontario, N2G 4M4 Canada

Refund Policy & Withdrawals

International Refund Policy

Withdrawal within 10 business days of the beginning of a semester or the beginning of the period for which the student paid fees in the case of a non-semester or continuous intake program of instruction, the student shall receive:

  • a refund of the full tuition and ancillary fees for the semester less a $200.00 administrative fee if withdrawal is made prior to the non-refundable deposit due date.
  • a refund of the full tuition and ancillary fees for the semester or program less the non-refundable deposit if withdrawal is made after the deposit due date *or if withdrawal is made after a deferral admission had been given.
  • a refund in full of any tuition and ancillary fees paid in advance for subsequent semesters.
  • a refund in full of any fees paid in advance for subsequent semesters. This also applies to students who do not register on a semester basis.

Should your visa be rejected by the Canadian Embassy, your full tuition will be refunded less the $200.00 college administration fee.

A copy of the Official Refusal Letter from the Canadian Embassy must be scanned and sent to the International Office by email as soon as possible.


For refund information, including follow-up and refund processing inquiries, please contact internationalfees@conestogac.on.ca